AFW Hi-Speed Braced Planer Kit

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AFW Hi-Speed Braced Planer Kit

Some skippers just don't leave the keyside without this piece of kit. Anglers find using a downrigger very effective, but hate the weight and awkwardness, so now more and more are starting to use a Braced Planer. Works the same as a downrigger but doesn't need as much attention and is easier stored. Very effective for high speed deep trawling, allowing you to fight fish without the bulk and weight of a planer. Attaches to a stern cleat and runs off its own line. Simply attach a double-ended swivel (included) to the planer line, wrap a rubber band around your fishing line, lock the rubber band in the snap swivel and let go. Your lure will run down the planer line, pulling your bait deep. When you get a strike, the line from the rod separates from the planer allowing you to fight the fish freely. Unlike conventional downriggers, you don't have to retrieve each time you hook a fish, simply attach another double-ended swivel and rubber band and send your line back down. Planer line is 300lb. test mono, 36' length attached to a polypropylene rope to cleat off the planer. Heavy duty braced planer, line, snaps and rubber bands included. Also includes instructions and handy storage bag.

Kit spec

Size #8, In-Line, Stainless Steel Blade, 36 in (91 cm) Mono Line 300 lb (136 kg) Test.


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