AFW Stainless Steel Wire Looping Pliers

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AFW Stainless Steel Wire Looping Pliers

These pliers are not as easy to find, and not as well known, as regular round nose pliers. They're easy to use, and give you perfect results when repetitive wire loop-making, and are also strong enough for making the finishing loops in heavy memory wire. One side of the nose is a three stepped round nose shape, and the other side is a concave shape that bends your wire in a perfect half-circle around the 'nose'. Simply move the pliers 2 times around, and you will have a complete circle. Then use these pliers to gently yet securely grip your loop in one of your hands, while you use your other hand and some chain nose pliers to wrap the end of your wire around the base of the loop. Because these sturdy pliers do the actual pressing on the wire, you can loop tough memory wire with a couple of firm squeezes. With just a little practice, you will quickly master the use of these fantastic pliers. NOTE: Suitable for wire thicknesses up to 18 Gauge. Can be used with larger wire, but the risk of scratching the wire increases. Measurements: Approximately 15cm Long. Smallest diameter step is about 2mm, middle step is about 3.2mm, and largest is about 4.5mm.

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