Airflo Control-A-Drogue

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Airflo Control-A-Drogue

Introducing the Airflo Control-A-Drogue, a must have accessory for any lochy style angler looking to slow their drifts and increase their catch rates.

Equipped with two 15ft ropes, crafted from robust rot-proof 5mm paracord, the Control-A-Drogue offers unparalleled flexibility. Each rope is finished with a rope tensioner on both arms, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the length of each side. This innovative feature enables you to easily modify the drift direction of your boat. By sliding the tensioner up or down the rope, you can effortlessly increase or decrease the loop's size. This two-rope drogue construction not only enhances precision but also collapses neatly behind the boat during motoring and can be swiftly retrieved back into the boat when needed.

The Control-A-Drogue package includes two 3-inch steel 'G' clamps, providing a hassle-free solution for attaching the drogue to your boat's gunwale. These clamps are not just convenient; they're crucial in ensuring that you can position your drogue optimally for superior control.

Supplied in a fully waterproof roll-top bag, this drogue and its accessories stay protected and in one place whilst preventing your other gear from becoming wet after a days fishing.

For the competitive angler the Airflo Control-A-Drogue has you covered. It meets international competition standards, ensuring that you can use it with confidence in various angling events.

  • Supplied in a roll top waterproof bag
  • Stealthy grey colouration
  • Drogue size: 68x50 inches
  • 2x Ropes: 15ft long
  • 2x ‘G’ Clamps: 3-inch steel
  • International Competition Legal

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