Allcock Float Stops

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Allcock Float Stops

The Allcock Float Stops will avoid the risk of line damage. These stops are well suited to trapping wagglers, light bomb and link ledger stops. These stops can also act as a buffer or slim rubber bead on all kinds of rigs.

Additionally, the float stops are easy to use, you simply thread the line through the wire loop and slide the stop off slowly onto the line. These excellent rubber stops have multiple uses.

These float stops can be used for pegging Texas rig worm weights and can also be used for Pike floats. It is recommend to double up just in case one does fail. They can also be used for trapping helicopter hook links and much more.

  • Will avoid the risk of line damage
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple uses
  • 45 Float Stops supplied per pack
  • Size: Large

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