Avid Carp In-Line Safety Leads

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Avid Carp In-Line Safety Leads

Easily one of the most feature-packed leads on the market today.

The hole in this lead goes all the way through, meaning you’re now able to quick change your lead at both the start and end of every session. There’s no more frustration to be had with the lead rattling up against the rod blank, so you can be sure of a nice quick, easy transition that makes your angling experience that bit more faster and more enjoyable. In addition to this, the easy quick change feature means that there’s nothing between you and your fish unless you want there to be, so you’ve still got that nice element of control over your time out on the bank.

The groove of this product allows whatever material you’re using to sit in it, nice and neatly. It’s simple yet clever design means that as soon as pressure is applied from the fish going for your bait, the lead will smoothly pop off, leaving you a clear line of access to that dream catch. Once the fish has discharged the lead, you’ve now got a nice easy system to get it up out of the water, so there’s no more hassle to be had with your lead!

For the first time you’re now able to set up an inline lead just like you do a lead clip. This lead moves up and down on the rod stem on the inside with a slick, fluid motion, so it’s still got that space to move if needed. The tail rubber is the whole thing holding it all on - so if you’re lucky enough to get a take, the lead can slide off the line leaving you in direct contact with that dream catch, so there’s no hassle, no worries.

Another excellent feature of this particular lead is the little hole placed in its side. This can be filled with a small PVA nugget, paste or flavour capsule. The Avid Carp Inline Safety Lead is a fantastic option for long casting, or when you’re using a solid PVA bag, this little feature can be a brilliant helper to your angling experience.

Unlike leads of a similar design, the inline feature keeps the lead nice and loose, so you can tailor your fishing experience, your way. Treat this as a standard lead clip with none of the negatives - the tension can be modified for the lead to drop away from the line and out of your way. This clever quick change option can be a real benefit to anglers of all levels of experience. If at some point you need to change the lead size, then this can be done as easily as just pulling the tail rubber away and sliding the lead off, a nice, easy to use system. At the end of your session you can quickly slide the lead free preventing damage on your rods. For maximum efficiency use in conjunction with Avid Carp Tail Rubbers.

For those worried about how the fish will react to the lead paired with their bait, look no further. The Avid Carp Inline Safety Lead is double coated in a low profile, camo colour, finished off with a dull no-spook finish, so you can be sure of excellent results.

  • Low Profile
  • Camo Colour
  • Double Coated
  • Dull No-Spook Finish
  • Quick Change
  • Snag Release
  • Adjustable

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