Avid Carp Titanium Retracta Gated Needle

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Avid Carp Titanium Retracta Gated Needle

The Titanium Retracta tools have been developed through years of using inadequate carp fishing baiting tools which don't fit in compact modern tackle boxes well and break after just a few uses. The needles are titanium coated to increase strength and durability. The retractable design of the needles allows the tool points to be stored away and protected, to prevent any form of damage.

Featuring a versatile fine gated needle, this tool is ideal for hair rigging, threading hooklinks and pulling hooklinks through small PVA bags. The Titanium Retracta Gated Needle from Avid Carp is part of the Rectracta tool series that offers strong, sturdy tools whilst not compromising space in your tackle box. The needle is made super strong thanks to the titanium coating over the metal. This increases both strength and durability when pushing the needle through hard baits as you make your hair rig presentation.

The Retractable design of the needle allows them to be stored away and to protect it from any form of damage that it may come by on the commute from car to the bank. The tool is easily accessed by the slide button mechanism which when retracted is inside an ergonomically designed soft-touch body.

Retracting the metal part of the drill back into the handle is both space-saving and compact for storing in your tackle bag but is also ideal for causing less harm to your body if you quickly pop the tool away in your pocket. It will also means you are less likely to pluck your clothing.

The Retracta tools have coloured codes mouthpieces and rear ends so that if you have the full set of the Avid Carp Titanium Retracta Tools, you can pick up the right tool you need, in this case, the blue is the gated needle.

  • A versatile fine gated needle
  • This tool is ideal for hair rigging
  • Use to thread hooklinks or pull hooklinks
  • Great when used through small PVA bags

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