BKK Nemesis Offset Hooks

Size: 5/0
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BKK Nemesis Offset Hooks

Specifically designed for Texas-rigging bulky soft plastics like flukes and swimbaits, the BKK Nemesis Offset EWG Worm Hooks are built using an extra wide gap bend that offers plenty of room for the lure to collapse and expose the hook point. Featuring a forged and tempered high-carbon steel construction to optimize strength, the Nemesis Worm Hooks employ a medium gauge wire carefully chosen to pair with mid-range and lightweight tackle applications. Finished with BKK’s needle-sharp point and proprietary Super Slide (SS) coating, the BKK Nemesis Offset EWG Worm Hooks provide increased hook-up ratios by enhancing penetration performance and reducing piercing resistance.

The needle-sharp hookhead BKK and the Super Slide coating provide better penetration by reducing puncture resistance, thereby increasing the strike rate.

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