Breakaway Continental Impact Lead

Weight: 110g
Sale price£2.25 GBP


Breakaway Continental Impact Lead

As more anglers adopt the 'Continental' style of beach fishing the popularity of pyramid style leads has increased. These leads not only cast well but also offer the advantages of both holding quite well in the tide but allowing you drift the rig slowly across the tide if you wish.
One problem with traditional pyramid is that if all your rigs are pre tied to use with impact leads then it is difficult to get the rig to work correctly with a standard sinker. This is where the new Breakaway Continental Impact lead scores as it combines the pyramid shape with Breakaway's proven impact lead bait release system.

  • Pyramid style beach casting sinker
  • Long casting
  • Unique built in bait clip with 100% guaranteed release
  • Works well with all clip down rigs
  • Pyramid shape grips surprisingly well but allows you to move the rig if needed
  • Sizes - 110g, 130g, 150g, 170g
  • Sold seperately

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