Breakaway Seatbox Backrest Conversion Kit

Type: SB1 (For older seatboxes)
Sale price£54.99 GBP


Breakaway Seatbox Backrest Conversion Kit

For years anglers have struggled along shingle beaches with boxes slung across one shoulder either slipping and sliding or slowly strangling there owner. Once you have arrived at your peg the best you have got is an uncomfortable box to sit on.

Once fitted those long walks will be a pleasure as the carrying harnes will hold the box onto the middle of your back and distribute the weight evenly leaving your hands free to carry your fish and other tackle.

  • Carry your seatbox rucksack style
  • Gives your Box a back rest for comfort
  • Lumber support when carring
  • Distributes weight evenly
  • Leaves your hands free
  • Easy to fix to your box
  • Can be used on most boxes
  • Box not included


PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE 2 VERSIONS. SB1 is for older shaped seatboxes (different clips) and SB2 is for newer shaped seatboxes

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