Breakaway Saddle Clamp Coasters

Diameter: 22-25mm
Sale price£12.99 GBP


Breakaway Saddle Clamp Coasters

These Breakaway Coasters are the most advanced on the market to date and even feature a contoured body to ensure complete comfort when you’re using your rod and reel setup. This ensures that that there is a Breakaway coaster to fit on all of your rods, no matter the diameter of your blank.

These Saddle Clamp Coasters are suitable for all rod types, no matter the style of your rod butt. However, if you are going to use these Saddle Clamp Coasters with a shrink tube butt, Breakaway recommends using their Whopper Dropper Catapult Elastic wrapped around the reel foot (although any high quality bait pult elastic will have the same effect). This ensures that the Saddle Clamp Coasters provide the reel with an exceptionally solid grip, as well as giving you greater grip during your cast.

  • These Breakaway Coasters are available in three different sizes: 22mm - 25mm, 24mm - 27mm, 26mm - 30mm, and 29mm - 33mm. 

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