C&H Tuna Tango Rigged & Ready Lure

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Colour: Blue/Pink Skirt, 7/0 Mustad Hook
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C&H Tuna Tango Rigged & Ready Lure

The Tuna Tango was designed to run straight and deep. With the weighted head, the Tuna Tango is ideal for use in rough sea conditions and higher speeds. The Tuna Tango is deadly - plain or rigged in front of live bait - and has proven deadly on all game fish. Use these with a strip rig, a ballyhoo, or rigged plain, to improve action and increase strikes.

Rigged & Ready versions (denoted with an ‘RR’ in the part number) features a 7/0 Mustad Hook, AFW Swivel, 100 lb (45.3 kg) Grand Slam Mono, 6 ft (1.8 m).

  • 3 colour options: Blue/Pink, Black/Pink or Silver Mylar

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