Coast HL7R LED Headlamp

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Coast HL7R LED Rechargeable HeadLamp

The Coast HL7R rechargeable focusing LED head lamp allows both adjustable focus and light dimming functionality. The twisting focus bezel allows the angler to go from spot through to flood quickly, with the bulls-eye spot beam giving a maximum beam range of around 104 metres.

Comes complete with rechargeable batteries

Adjustable elastic straps with helmet clips included

Easy to operate high to low output control dial

Hinged beam adjustment to position light where you need it

Charging the HL7R is simple with the included micro USB cable, just pop it into the back of the head torch and then the other end goes either straight into the USB port on a computer, or with the included adaptors it can be charged via the mains in the UK or EU


Lumens Output:  240

Beam Colour:  White

Body Colour:  Black

Rechargeable Cell Type:  AAA NiMH

Recharging Method:  Cells Charged Internally

Run Time (hours):  1.5 in high - 40 in low

Beam Range (metres):  104

Focus Control:  Spot to Flood Focus

Waterproof:  IPX4 (Splash Resistant)

Weight:  124g

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