CWC Giant Tandem Stinger Rig

Size: 3/0
Sale price£9.99 GBP


CWC Giant Tandem Stinger Rig

CWC's Pro Stingers are off-the-shelf stingers that offer extremely high quality. They are made from a strong, 7-stranded stainless steel wire and feature super sharp treble hooks. The steel wire is coated with nylon. Designed to work perfectly with BFT Flexhead. A professional-grade stinger you can really trust! Package includes 1 stinger.

STINGER Giant Tandem
• Steel wire offering tensile strength of 100 lbs. / approx. 45 kg, #3/0 treble hooks. Designed to work well with the 26-cm Giant Pig Shad and Giant Pig Tail. Also compatible with other similar shads.

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