Daiwa N'ZON Ready Reel Case

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Daiwa N'ZON Ready Reel Case

Reels can cost a small fortune and so to keep a match angler’s mind at ease, it would be wise to invest in some protection for your reel. The Daiwa N'ZON Ready Reel Case offers a safe haven for your match or coarse reel of choice whilst it is attached to your rod.

The case simply wraps round your assembled rod and reel, cushion the reel seat section with a hard back protection and super padding interior. This great for when items may knock against your rod and reel when on your barrow as the cases hard shell will protect it from damage.

The Daiwa reel case is suited to house up to a 6000 size feeder reel which can be secured in with the Velcro closure straps. The dimensions of the case are 20cm x 15cm x 10cm.

If that was not enough, the reel pouch sports a black and blue colour theme with a large Daiwa white logo. Perfect for Daiwa fans.

  • Uses hard back protection combined with padding
  • Designed to fit over a reel on an assembled rod
  • Suited up to a 6000 size feeder reel
  • Velcro closure straps secure it into place
  • Dimensions: 20cm x 15cm x 10cm

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