Daiwa Prorex 7x7 Wire Leader

Strength: 10kg/22lb
Length: 30cm
Sale price£3.25 GBP


Daiwa Prorex 7x7 Wire Leader

Featuring premium strength snaps and swivels, the Daiwa Prorex 7x7 Wire Leader brings the highest quality terminal tackle to your predator fishing, from a brand-new range that encapsulates everything that has made the Daiwa name such a success story in the world of angling, perfectly designed for pike, perch, zander, and other predator species.

The brown camouflage coating of this wire leader reduces glare and reflection, ensuring you can easily see your leader when you’re playing a fish in, but preventing cruising predators from being spooked by it midwater.

This wire leader has the strength and performance durability to help you make the most of your predator angling, whether you’re fishing for the big beasts of the catfish and pike world, or going small and feisty with perch.

A leader that’s clearly visible from the bank, but with subsurface subtlety that will ensure your quarry remains completely unconcerned, this is a versatile predator fishing accessory from the impressive new Prorex range, brought to you by the high-tech performance of the Daiwa brand.

Predator performance that’s backed by a trusted angling brand, this wire leader will allow you to up your angling game when you’re after the big, fighting beasts of the subsurface predator world.

  • Premium and very strong snaps and swivels
  • Offering the highest quality
  • Brown camouflage colour
  • Reduces glare and reflection
  • Strength: 10kg/22lb
  • Length: 30cm

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