Daiwa Prorex Lure Bags

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Type: XL Lure Storage Bucket
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Daiwa Prorex Lure Bags

 XL Lure Storage Bucket

The Daiwa Prorex XL Lure Storage Bucket is made from extra strong 100% EVA material to ensure waterproofing with holding water or liquid-full baits. The size is 35cm x 35cm and the bucket can hold up to 1.8kg!

To help with keeping bait and rigs ready for action the bucket includes an internal lure belt that is great for holding those just attractant dipped bait fish!

Not only is this bucket able to provide a strong tool in transporting water or baits, but it is also space-saving with an easy folding mechanism.

  • Extra strong 100% EVA material
  • Internal lure belt
  • Sustains strains of up to 1.8kg without folding
  • Folded easily for a space-saving transportation
  • Dimensions: 35cm x 35cm


XL Lure Storage Bag

The bag is designed to mount up to 16 fully rigged lures up to 28cm so you can get organised and geared up for a great angling session with plenty of lures for a matter of conditions.

To ensures an optimal carrying comfort with a heavy load, Daiwa has given this bag a broad shoulder strap as well as a carry handle for easy of transportation.

  • Solid and robust 100% EVA
  • Mesh pocket within lid offers space
  • Removeable upper compartment
  • Upper compartment equipped with thick EVA board
  • Designed to mount up to 16 fully rigged lures up to 28cm
  • Two Straps with hook / loop fastener
  • Broad shoulder strap


XL Roving Shoulder Bag

Daiwa’s established range of high-tech innovation and excellence into the predator arena, the Prorex range is designed to give you the equipment, skills, and style to proactively seek out the kings of the predator world.

With Rex being the Latin for King, you are sure to rule with this luggage necessity. Perfect for storing the essentials when at the bank, this Daiwa Prorex Roving Shoulder Bag sports a hardcover with woven-carbon fibre design.

As well as looking rather stylish, the shoulder bag offers perfect protection for phone, tools, etc, from damages that may come with a predator session. The bag has two main compartments for tackle and lures and is perfectly equipped for a tackle box for the small lures in your collection.

To ensures an optimal carrying comfort with a heavy load, Daiwa has given this bag a wide padded shoulder strap.

  • Hard cover with woven-carbon fibre design
  • Offers perfect protection from damages
  • Wide padded shoulder strap
  • Ensures an optimal carrying comfort even with heavy load
  • Two main compartments for tackle and lures
  • Second main compartment is equipped with a tackle box for small lures

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