Daiwa Super Kenzaki Fixed Spool Boat Rod

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Length/Casting Weight: 7'6" 6-12lb 2 piece
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Daiwa Super Kenzaki Fixed Spool Boat Rod

Reinforced with powerful V-Joint carbon support at all joints and spigots along the length of the high performance carbon blank, the Daiwa Super Kenzaki Boat Rod comes in a variety of lengths and line ratings, allowing iyou to choose the set up that suits your fishing, and the demands of the conditions you're facing, and the species you're targeting.

With EVA fore and rear grip, the Kenzaki rod range is designed to give you an effective grip in any weather, and when the waves are rising around your boat. A Fuji DPS reel seat gives you the sensitivity you need to enjoy an informed, efficient session out on the water, while O ring guides send your line rippling out, putting your bait down perfectly for the most effective angling. A GRC butt cap channels power through the performance-engineered blank, balancing sensitivity with the focused energy you need to take on wild waters, and the fish that live there.

Finished in bright, vibrant metallic turquoise, this is a rod that's designed to turn heads, and engineered to turn every sea session into a winner, no matter what the conditions, or what kind of battle you have to bring the fish on board.

Whether you're looking for a rod for occasional holiday use, or you're an active sea angler looking for some new, attractive tackle that will put you ahead of the game.

  • Powerful carbon blank
  • V-Joint
  • EVA Fore and Rear Grip
  • Fuji O Ring Guides
  • Fuji DPS Reel Seat
  • Fuji GRC Butt Cap
 Length Weight Line Rating Sections Guides
7'6 250g 6-12lb 2 Fuji O Ring
7'6 255g 12-20lb 2 Fuji O Ring
7'6 270g 20-30lb 2 Fuji O Ring

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