Daiwa Wilderness Game Rucksack Stool

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Daiwa Wilderness Game Rucksack Stool

Something a little bit different from Daiwa’s Wildnerness range, which is perfect for all your game and specialist fishing, this Game Rucksack Stool is perfect for the roving angler, and designed to suit every modern specialist and fly fisher, with spacious storage capacity, and ease of access.

Made from the highest quality fabric, this fishing stool transports with the lightweight functionality of a rucksack, and converts easily to a folding fishing seat, allowing you to get set up in front of a likely looking swim quickly and easily. The rucksack stool has two side pockets, which are convenient for storing tackle boxes, rig wallets, and personal items such as mobile phones. An internal flask holder pouch gives you a convenient place to keep your bankside brew, with convenient ruck straps. Weighing just 1.6kg, the rucksack stool is light and easy to carry, giving you complete flexibility in every aspect of your angling, fly, and game fishing.

  • Designed to serve all the needs of today's travelling angler
  • Spacious capacity and easy access
  • Pure functionality with 8 designs in the range
  • All are made from high grade fabrics
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Transports like a rucksack
  • Converts to a fold open seat
  • Two side pockets
  • Internal flask holder pouch
  • Ruck straps
  • Lightweight - 1.6kg

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