Daiwa Wilderness Roto Rucksack

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Daiwa Wilderness Roto Rucksack

Giving you an easy carry, and allowing for rapid access, the Roto Rucksack from Daiwa’s Wilderness range is a convenient option for every mobile angler, with a single shoulder strap, and 3D breathable foam padding throughout.

Two additional padded pockets offer practical, convenient storage, while an internal mesh pocket is a handy place to keep your licences and permits, ensuring they’re close at hand when you need them. Zip closure ensures that everything stored in the Roto Rucksack is safe and secure; the zip can be used at a 90 degree angle, which fits well with the single shoulder strap, allowing you to easily pull the rucksack round into any position you need, giving you complete flexibility in all your fishing.

Designed from top quality materials, and crafted for a stylish look, this rucksack will look good on any venue.

  • Rotating design for easy carrying and rapid access
  • Zip closure internal mesh pockets
  • Two additional padded pockets
  • 3D breathable foam padding throughout

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