Daiwa Sensor Monofil 4oz Spools

Breaking Strain: 4lb
Sale price£11.50 GBP


With a reputation for exceptional reliability, a rugged performance, Sensor has delivered amazing durability, suppleness, consistent diameter and superb knotting.

B/S  Diameter Capacity
4lb/1.8kg 0.2mm 3090m
6lb/2.7kg 0.24mm 2320m
8lb/3.6kg 0.26mm 1855m
10lb/4.5kg 0.310mm 1325m
12lb/5.4kg 0.33mm 1160m
15lb/6.8kg 0.37mm 925m
18lb/8.2kg 0.405mm 755m
20lb/9.1kg 0.435mm 665m
25lb/11.3kg 0.52mm 465m
30lb/13.6kg 0.57mm 385m
35lb/15.9kg 0.62mm 330m
40lb/18.1kg 0.66mm 290m
45lb/20.4kg 0.7mm 260m
50lb/22.7kg 0.74mm 230m
60lb/27.2kg 0.84mm 180m

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