Drennan Oval Cage Feeder

Weight: Medium 25g
Sale price£2.99 GBP


Drennan Oval Cage Feeder

Drennan Oval Cage Feeders have a flat bottom, making them the perfect answer for fast-flowing rivers when targeting species such as barbel and chub.

Drennan Oval Cage Feeders are an addition to the existing Stainless Oval Cage Feeder family - but heavier!

Our Cage Feeders release the bait quicker than conventional solid-walled versions. Being oval, they will hug the bottom of your swim more effectively than a round feeder and also be less obvious to wary fish. On the retrieve, an oval shape also helps to lift the feeder off the bottom quickly to help avoid snags.

  • The stainless steel mesh is electroplated in a distinctive camo bronze
  • Perfect for rivers
  • Flat bottom
  • Quick bait release

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