E-Sox Power Pikeflex 12' 3.25lb

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E-Sox Power Pikeflex 12' 3.25lb

The E-sox Power Pikeflex is fast becoming a favourite among predator anglers. From the moment you pick one up you can feel the quality in the build and a power right through from butt to tip. Finished in a matt olive green and with a cork handle this rod is as cosmetically pleasing as it is practically powerful. The 64cm handle is designed to allow easy delivery of power in the cast when big baits and big distances are needed, while the double legged guides are powerful yet remain light enough not to effect the action of the blank. If you're considering a new pike set up this year a couple of these loaded with 6000 to 10000 sized baitrunners are probably the answer!

  • DNPS Screw Up Reel Seat
  • Progressive action
  • 12ft (3.60m)
  • SIC Guides

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