ESP Leadcore Leaders Helicopter Rigs

Length: 1m
Colour: Choddy Silt
Sale price£6.99 GBP


ESP Leadcore Leaders Helicopter Rigs

The ESP Leadcore Leaders Helicopter Rig is an all purpose rig with outstanding anti-tangle and fish safety properties. It is well known that in the past helicopter rigs haven’t been the most safe equipment to use with bait, but ESP has designed this rig to combat the safety issues to protect carp and make sure you still get your bite on the bank.

This helicopter rig is available in four colours: Original Camo, Weedy Green, Sandy Gravel and Choddy Silt. All of these colours darken down significantly when submerged and will match the lake bed perfectly, so you can pick the best colour for where you decide to fish. The carp won’t have a clue what’s down there as the helicopter rig camouflages itself so well, maximising the chances of getting a bite. You better get out your scales so you can weigh the catches you get with this rig.

Split rings are enclosed in the packaging which allows for the easy attachment of ready made rigs. In a swivel these will terminate or they can provide a uni-link style joint, giving you a range of options of how to use these handy add ons. There are also spliced streamlined joints at both ends of the rig; these offer maximum potential breaking strain therefore your line will last longer, providing you with more casts and overall more efficient performance.

They are available in two different sizes; 1m and 1.5m. The 1m helicopter rig is ideal for long range casting as it will be able to be casted further and smoother on your rod; ensuring you get your bait where you want it to be. The 1.5m is excellent for short to medium range up to around 60m, this extra length helps to keep more of the terminal set-up anchored firmly along the bottom and won’t slip out of place, making the superior performance of this rig clear.

Thanks to the leadcore, the rig is highly abrasion resistant so it will not be eroded over time from general use in freshwater, this terminal tackle will serve you well for a long time thanks to its unique features. It is also exceedingly supple so it will mould to every lump and bump on your venue bed. When it is sunk, it will stay sunk as well, due to the polyester content making it heavier, so you can make the most out of your bait and cast. Leadcore is a material that is perfectly suited to any rig set up, and will certainly assist you with this helicopter rig.

Another great feature of the ESP Leadcore Leaders Helicopter Rig is the lead clip (or quick rig link) which you use to switch the rig easily. The clip is also strong enough to be used alongside PVA bags, giving you a variety of ways to attach your bait and use the rig. Additionally, the arm can be cut back to achieve an easier release of the lead, making it more manageable and controllable for you.

A helicopter buffer bead is also included in this pack; they provide cushioning for the line during the fight with big carp and therefore will prolong the life of your line so you can fish for longer. If you desire a smaller buffer bead, they can easily be cut down to give a more delicate presentation.

With an all round great terminal set up, these helicopter rigs are easy enough for any angler to use and with the new safety features, they will practically render your carp care kits redundant. They will become an asset along with your bait in order to catch the most and biggest carp you can.


  • All purpose rig with excellent anti-tangle and fish safety properties
  • The 1m is ideal for long range casting
  • The 1.5m is ideal for short to medium range up to around 60m where
  • Split rings are enclosed for easy attachment
  • Terminate in a swivel or to provide a uni-link style joint
  • Spliced streamlined joints with maximum potential breaking strain
  • Nicely camouflaged
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Extremely supple

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