ESP Ejector Lead Clips

Colour/Size: Weedy Green Size 9
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ESP Ejector Lead Clips

ESP Ejector Lead Clips can be fixed securely to the swivel by means of the locking peg. This prevents them from riding up the line or leader and ensures the lead will always eject first and are particularly effective when targeting individual carp in weedy or snaggy conditions where ejecting the lead can make all the difference between losing or landing a big fish. Due to the spring-like properties of the lead retaining arm the lead will often eject as soon as a carp bolts. This usually results in the carp rising up in the water making it relatively easy to play the fish above weed beds and other obstacles.

ESP Ejector Lead Clips are ideal when targeting single big carp where early release of the lead can be a distinct advantage. They are not ideal for distance casting with P.V.A Bags where the lead might disengage on impact or for weed free 'Runs Waters' where multiple carp or tench are caught as this can result in too many leads being lost.

  • Available in Weed Green
  • Each pack contains: 10 x ESP Ejector Lead Clips, 10 x Special Tail Rubbers, 10 x Swivel Locking Pegs plus Peg Remover Tool

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