Fiiish No.2 11cm Black Eel Lures

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Type: Heads 4g
Colour: Khaki
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Fiiish No.2 11cm Black Eel Lures

The Black Eel is a longer, slimmer version of the deadly black minnow lure. The Black eel uses the same proven articulated design with a separate weighted head, hook and super supple body. The slimmer profile gives the Black Eel a similar outline to many prey species and this coupled with the attractive paddle tail action and natural feeling body will help encourage the fish to strike.
This lure is set to become a must have addition to the keen lure anglers tackle box.

  • Length: 11cm (110mm)
  • Slim profile version of the top selling soft lure
  • Weedless to reduce snagging
  • 3 Piece articulated design
  • Great paddle tail action
  • Super soft natural feeling slim body
  • Superb from boat or shore
  • Will catch ALL predatory species, both salt and freshwater

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