Fjuka Squeez-Ready

Type: Groundbait
Sale price£1.99 GBP


Fjuka Squeez-Ready

Ready-to-use range straight out of the bag, no water needed. Now it’s impossible for anglers to get their mixes wrong, especially in the huge Method feeder market.

Open Squeez-Ready™ and it’s catching fish within minutes, packed full of Sensate™ Fish Accelerant for a much quicker bite time.

Available in Method Pellets 2mm, Method Mix (Method groundbait) and Groundbait (all-round groundbait).

· Ready-prepped real pellets with no preservatives
· Quality low oil fish & fishery-friendly
· Ideal molded around Method & Hybrid feeders
· Developed to Tommy Pickering’s spec
· Squeeze into balls to loosefeed
· Loaded with Sensate™ Fish Accelerant

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