Fox Rage Predator Unhooking Mat

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Fox Rage Predator Unhooking Mat

A stylish and practical unhooking mat, boldly branded with the Fox Predator colours, this is the perfect way to ensure fish safety when you’re unhooking large, lively pike, or any other species that might harm itself in its efforts to be away from the bank, and back in the water.

Raised sides ensure that even very large, highly spirited fish are kept in their place, with the gentle, cushioned protection of a 50mm foam base shielding them from bankside knocks and bumps, while the protective cover ensures that fish retain their natural mucus membrane, which helps keep infection to a minimum, and ensures you’re returning happy, healthy fish that will live to fight another day.

Designed for the demands of predator pursuit, the Fox Predator range is crafted around the foibles, needs, and challenges of large, lively fish, that come out of the water with spines and teeth at the ready. It’s a durable tackle and accessories range that’s made to withstand a range of banksides, from flint stones in rural slopes, to the grit and gravel of urban canals. Wherever you’re heading, and whatever you’re chasing, make sure you put safety first with the Fox Predator Unhooking Mat.

  • Easy and rapid set-up and pack away
  • Fish-safe protective cover and flexible frame
  • Raised sides to enclose fish for added protection
  • Lightweight, protective carry bag included
  • 50mm foam base for fish protection
  • Features fish measure on padded base
  • Measures 74 x 52 x 8cm when packed away, and 142 x 46 x 26cm when open

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