Gamakatsu Worm 36 Hooks

Hook Size: #1
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Gamakatsu Worm 36 Hooks

Initially, the Worm 36 by Gamakatsu was just a hook for classic jigs and for building sea rigs. But then some fanatic pike maniacs introduced this long shank hook to fly tying/fly fishing. Since then it is one of the most popular predator hooks on the market. Its features are just ideal to tie big, catchy streamers: a long shank, a wider gap, an ultra sharp point and a super strong wire.

So, don’t get confused over its name: The Gamakatsu Worm 36 is one of the best predator hooks for fresh- and saltwater. Period. The wide range of sizes offers many possibilities on the tying desk, from bulky pike patterns to smaller Wooly Buggers for your local trout stream. Just press the small barbs before tying and your ready to go.

  • Extreme strength for grip on a bite
  • Ultra sharp hook point
  • Ultra-sharp hook point also allows straight forward unhooking
  • Extra barbs on shank to keep a firm hold of bait

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