Gamakatsu Worm 34 Hooks

Hook Size: #4/0
Sale price£4.99 GBP


Gamakatsu Worm 34 Hooks

All Gamakatsu hooks have one thing in common, they are very precisely manufactured and have a great quality. The hook steel a little elastic whereby the hooks are impossible to bend up and also unbreakable.
All the wire sizes are perfectly adapted to the particular model and size. The point of the hooks are super sharp, hook eyes are clean and closed and the very fine barbs are easy to crush. The hook curves are flattened laterally for greater stability.
Produced in high-tech Japan.
Excellent quality, with the best performance and very good price-performance ratio.

Offset hooks like the Worm 34 are normally used for jerk baits. But as a fly fisher you can use them for perfect upside-down patterns as well! Deep fished streamers for bass, pike perch or big trouts are a common application. Especially effective in snaggy waters and structures with muddy bottom!

  • Colour: Black
  • 6 Pcs / Pack

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