Ganzo Diamond 600 Sharpening Stone

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Ganzo Diamond 600 Sharpening Stone

Natural diamond stone with coarse elements - really strong and durable sharpening stone. D600 grit is good for coarse sharpening, correcting and leveling of deformed blades. It can be used for restoring and sharpening even strongly blunt knives, scissors, tools for garden, hunting, fishing and tourism. Ganzo D600 diamond stone will be a perfect complement to Ganzo Touch Pro Steel sharpener. Its durability and reliability are highly regarded in professional circles and among domestic masters. If your collection needs coarse sharpening stone, or your favorite tool needs to be replaced - Ganzo D600 the best choise. The best use of Ganzo D600 diamond stone is the formation of a cutting edge. Just a few movements will create the desired angle, and will remove all excess metal.

  • Brand - Ganzo
  • Type - portable
  • Grit - 600
  • Material - diamond sharpeners
  • For the blades - with a straight sharpening

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