Gemini System 100+ Assembly Kit

Type: Short Tail/Standard Grips/Black Heads
Sale price£6.99 GBP


Gemini System 100+ Assembly Kit

This Complete DIY assembly kit is for use in conjunction with the System 100+ Breakout sinker mould. These kits contains enough components (excluding lead) to make 10 Gemini System 100+ Breakout sinkers.

  • Short Tail/Standard Grips/Black Heads: recommended 90g (3oz) sinkers
  • Short Tail/Standard Grips/Yellow Heads: recommended 110g (3.5oz) sinkers
  • Short Tail/Standard Grips/Green Heads: recommended 130g (4oz) sinkers
  • Long Tail/Standard Grips/Blue Heads: recommended 150g (5oz) sinkers
  • Long Tail/Standard Grips/Red Heads: recommended 170g (6oz) sinkers
  • Long Tail/Long Grips/Yellow Heads: recommended 190g (7oz) sinkers
  • Long Tail/Long Grips/Black Heads: recommended 210g (8oz) sinkers
  • Long Tail/Side Grips/Black Heads: This assembly kit comprises of 10 long tail wires, 40 side breakout grips, 10 Black breakout heads
  • Carry Box Refill (Mixed Components): This kit is ideal if you are looking to make a variety of lead sizes. Comes with 7 long tail wires, 3 short tail wires, 40 long breakout grips and a variety of coloured beads.

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