Gemini System 100+ Carry Box Weights

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Gemini System 100+ Carry Box Weights

The Gemini lead weights kit is ideal for sea anglers needing a wide selection of fishing weights for varying conditions. 

This superb kit contains 10 lead weights from 90-210g and enough accessories to make over 100 combinations of sinker.

  • A box containing a selection of 10 Gemini sinkers and fully range of accessories
  • A great introduction to the Gemini sinker system
  • Includes a range of breakout heads, fixed wire heads and plain nose cones
  • Sinker sizes supplied - 1 x 90gm - 1 x 110gm - 1 x 130gm - 3 x 150gm - 2 x 170gm - 1 x 190gm - 1 x 210gm
  • A perfect boxed gift set of sea fishing weights

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