Seaguar Soft Plus Fluorocarbon 100m

Strength: 6.6lb
Sale price£26.99 GBP


Seaguar Soft Plus Fluorocarbon 100m

Seaguar Soft Plus Fluorocarbon 100m is one of the newer additions to the Kureha stable of thoroughbred fluorocarbons that have become the number one fluorocarbon selling line among so many different disciplines of angling. Grand Max Soft Plus is about 10% stronger than the original Grand Max giving the angler the edge over his quarry when the situation demand this.

  • 10% softer than the original
  • Nice supple fluorocarbon
  • Super knot strength
  • Abrasive qualities
  • Soft Plus 5X 0.165mm 6.6lb
  • Soft Plus 4X 0.185mm 8.2lb
  • Soft Plus 3X 0.218mm 10.4lb
  • Soft Plus 2X 0.235mm 13.7lb


*Please note these are going through a design change and you may receive an older design, there is no difference in the product itself*

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