Seaguar Soft Plus Fluorocarbon 50m

Strength: 6.6lb
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Seaguar Soft Plus Fluorocarbon 50m

This is the new Seaguar Soft Plus fluorocarbon. This fluorocarbon is much softer and is 10% stronger than the original Grand Max.

This fluorocarbon has nearly the same refractive index as water making it almost invisible when placed in water and it has an exceptionally strong breaking strain compared to the low diameters.

A great advantage to the Seaguar Soft Plus is that it will give your flies more natural movement in the water as they will move along with the water's current, with less resistance from the line. However due to its softness care should be taken to avoid wind knots.

The Seaguar Soft Plus fluorocarbon has proven to be 100% reliable and has a high resistance to abrasion and fatigue. It could even be used as a reel line and is definitely soft enough for this purpose.

  • One spool size: 50m
  • 100% reliable
  • Softer, 10% stronger than Grand Max
  • Refractive index nearly the same as water
  • High resistance to abrasion/fatigue
  • Soft Plus 5X 0.165mm 6.6lb
  • Soft Plus 4X 0.185mm 8.2lb
  • Soft Plus 3X 0.218mm 10.4lb
  • Soft Plus 2X 0.235mm 13.7lb


*Please note these are going through a design change and you may receive an older design, there is no difference in the product itself*

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