Greys Chest and Back Pack

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Greys Chest and Back Pack

Anglers are now fishing more and more inaccessible areas of our wetlands and indeed sub suburban waterways. This type of angling has a necessity to be totally mobile with all needs compacted into one bag. This has caused a bit of a headache as when the need arises for a lure change or similar the pack has to be brought off the shoulder unzipped and delved into. Now with modern fishing comes modern design and the Greys Chest and Back Pack is perfectly made to suit the job required.

When inspecting the rucksack and chest bag you will see a lot of zipped pockets and compartments that will keep you neat and organised. The main rucksack has the obvious main compartment area to allow for flask, food and bait whilst some of the other compartments have zingers enclosed to hold tools and tippets. This will stop any fumbling and dropping of gear into the water when wading. Gggrrrr I hate that! The pack can stay as one or can be unclipped very quickly to allow you to use either bags separately.

  • Loads of pockets for tackle organisation
  • Numerous D-rings/swivel clips for holding tools etc
  • Straps and back panel are fully padded
  • 2 x hidden zinger pockets
  • 2 x outer liquid container holders
  • Neo rod gripping straps
  • Take off fly patch
  • Fast click design
  • Choice to use as back, chest or complete package
  • Chest Pack Dimensions (W x H x D): 240mm x 280mm x 70mm
  • Back Pack Dimensions (W x H x D): 360mm x 460mm x 200mm

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