Guru X-Change Feeders & Weights

Type: Small 20g + 30g Cage Body
Sale price£3.99 GBP


Guru X-Change Feeders & Weights

Unique interchangeable weight system. The weight of a feeder can be altered in seconds, without changing feeder. Anglers can carry fewer feeders, thanks to changeable weight system.

  • Small, medium and large feeders
  • Cage Feeder for quicker bait release effect
  • Open End for deeper water or holding bait within feeder for longer
  • Two Bait-Up feeders, hold plenty of feed for kicking-off a session, made the correct size to not put too much strain on a standard feeder setup
  • Weight forward design and aerodynamic profile aids extra accurate casting and optimum distance to be reached
  • Strong and durable plastic, to withstand demanding conditions, terrain and usage
  • Body profile designed for smooth retrieval, with feeders rising in the water to avoid snags
  • Registered design line attachment, to create a minimalistic, tangle free and strong link
  • Line attachment creates a central hanging feeder every time 

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