Hardy Ultradisc Cassette Spare Spool

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Size: 4000
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Hardy Ultradisc Cassette Spare Spool

The Hardy Ultradisc Spare Spool fits the Ultradisc cassette fly reel and is ideal as a spare or replacement.

The spool is made from a high quality durable composite plastic and is super easy and quick to change. When removing the spool rotate the button anti-clockwise.

When inserting a spool make sure it is lined up correctly and rotate the button clockwise to lock the spool in place.

The Hardy Ultradisc Cassette Spare Spool offers excellent value for money and is available in a range of sizes to suit the model you have of the Ultradisc Cassette Fly reel.

  • High impact, clear composite material
  • Cassette styled spool
  • Super easy spool changing mechanism
  • Great value, high quality
  • Supplied individually

Please note that these spools are NOT for the Hardy ASR Fly reel. These are for the Hardy Ultradisc Cassette Fly Reel as stated in the description.

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