HTO Nebula Lure Rod

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Length/Casting Weight: 7'10" 7-30g
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HTO Nebula Lure Rod

The HTO Nebula series of lure fishing rods has been designed to offer the bass and general lure angler as much as possible for their money. It has been described as the best value rod, ever! The blank has been designed to extrude ultimate performance with accurate casting and great control over how your movements at the rod end are replicated at the business end.

The HTO Nebula series of lure fishing rods have an extra fast action. This makes them recover quickly so they not only cast well they are highly accurate too. These rods allow you to put a lure exactly where you intend, time after time. This extra fast action is stiff, when using braided lines, the smallest movements will make lures react with intensity, setting off the predatory signals of any fish in the area.

Despite its price, the HTO Nebula does not scrimp on quality materials. It is made from a high-volume carbon that makes it a strong and lightweight blank. It is rung with Fuji Stainless Alconite K Spinning Guides and is fitted with a Fuji VSS Reel Seat for comfort when working lures for long periods.

The HTO Nebula range is finished in a stunning dark, gunmetal colouration with black whipping and silver accents. The blank is textured, giving it a grippy, matt finish.These rods are a highly versatile range of lure fishing rods for both sea and freshwater. All models feature a Fuji VSS reel seat and K spinning guides.

HTO Nebula M 2.4m - Eight foot rods are one of the most popular lengths of lure fishing rods. A go to for many anglers. With a casting rating of 7 to 30g this will fit the needs of lure anglers fishing from rocks, estuaries or the open shingle.

  • High performance lure fishing rods at a sensible price
  • Full Fuji fittings throughout including guides and reel seats
  • Stunning dark, gunmetal colour scheme
  • A rod for most lure fishing situations from shore and boat
Code Length Casting Sections Weight
HNEB21ML 2.1m - 6'11" 5-22g 2 92g
HNEB24M 2.4m - 7'10" 7-30g 2 108g
HNEB27M 2.7m - 8'10" 7-35g 2 132g
HNEB27MH 2.7m - 8'10" 12-42g 2 141g
HNEB29M 2.9m - 9'6" 7-35g 2 134g

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