HTO Non Toxic Worm Weights ** 2g & 10g MUST GO **

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HTO Non Toxic Worm Weights

Non-toxic worm weights which are cone shaped and drilled. They are designed for adding incremental weight to soft plastic lures to alter the casting range, lure action and the depth the lure can dive to. They are incredibly versatile and can be placed as close to or as far up the leader as required to get the right presentation for the target species or terrain fished over. Worm Weights are available as single sized packets or in a handy dispenser that includes a wide range of weights and sizes to give the angler greater options. They are lead free so can be used in freshwater as well as saltwater.

  • Available from 2 to 10g these lures are a perfect lrf or hrf head, giving unrivalled presentation to 2 to 4" soft plastic baits.

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