Ian Golds 3 Fold Rig Wallet

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Ian Golds 3 Fold Rig Wallet

The Ian Golds trace wallets were one of the original wallets to come on the market and they have now used their experience to create this all new 3 fold design.

The advantage of the 3 fold design is that it gives you huge rig carrying capacity in a wallet which folds to a very compact size

We have these rig wallets in two sizes: The 'Small' rig wallet has 15 small rig pouches; The 'Large' rig wallet has 10 large pouches on the first flap and 20 small pouches on the other two.

  • Small: 15x small pockets (size 6" x 5½")
  • Large: 10x Large pockets (size 10" x 5½") and 20x small pockets (size 6" x 5½")
  • Small: Closed: 23cm(9") x 17cm (6¾") - Open: 68cm(26¾") x 17cm (6¾")
  • Large: Closed: 23cm(9") x 31cm (12¼") - Open: 68cm(26¾") x 31cm (12¼")

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