Ian Golds Bigaloo Shelter

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Ian Golds Bigaloo Shelter

The Bigaloo is based on the same design as the popular Igloo beach shelter but as you may guess it is bigger! How much bigger? Well the standard Igloo has a base area of 1.75sqm whilst the Bigaloo boast an area of 2.5sqm.
Because of the unique way in which you can adjust the angle of the shelter this extra space allows you to either have more ground room, ideal if you spread your gear everywhere or if two of you wish to share the Bigloo, or if headroom can be an issue you can set the Bigloo higher to give you more clearance.
Another addition on the Bigloo is a door so you can have even more protection which can be nice on a long winters session.
It shares the standard Igloos ease of use so with a bit of practice putting up and taking down is a simple task, even in adverse weather.

  • Premium quality beach shelter
  • Designed by England international Ian Golds
  • Easy to erect
  • Unique design allows you to set it high and narrow or low and wide
  • Loads of space, can fit two anglers plus gear
  • Strong waterproof and windproof fabric
  • Shingle flaps for secure fixing
  • Fitted with door for extra protection
  • Colour Black and Navy
  • Transport length - 216cm
  • Weight - 6kg


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