Ian Golds Telescopic Tripod

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Ian Golds Telescopic Tripod

This Telescopic Tripod is perfect for rock fishing and works extremely well in many other everyday fishing situations as well. It is exceptionally versatile thanks to the adjustable telescopic legs; you can use this tripod on even the rockiest of ground and still get a stable setup that is the perfect rest for your rod. With this great piece of gear, you will be able to have the best setup you possibly can wherever you go, so you can optimise your chances of reeling in the biggest fish in your swim. This tripod is essential for any sea fisherman that often angle on uneven ground and are searching for the ideal, stable setup.

A great feature of this tripod is that it is superbly strong and robust. It has a tubular aluminium construction which offers it excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and a light weight as well. Its all plastic and alloy design means it will not rust and you will have a sleek and smooth tripod forever. Thanks to its lightweight, it is easy to transport this tripod to and from the bank, especially in areas where the ground is rocky and uneven. This tripod has been designed to counter all that could damage it, it won’t suffer from premature wear and tear so it will be a great asset to you through many angling sessions by the shore.

Not only is the Ian Golds Telescopic Tripod ideal for sea fishing, but it works just as well when river fishing as well. It is brilliant for river fishing for flounders and eels where what you really want is to achieve a low rod tip and shallow line angle. Setting the short rest low to the ground is a simple task and will provide you with a fantastic setup. The versatility of this piece of kit is not just limited to its adjustable legs, it can be used on a variety of different locations too.

This tripod is packed full of high quality and innovative features that make creating the perfect setup easier than ever before. It has spiked feet on the legs and a bucket hook; the spiked legs make it easy to set into the ground and the setup more stable once it is finished as well. There is no risk of the tripod slipping because the legs will be embedded into the bank itself, making it perfect for uneven ground.

It comes suppled with a double head and there is also an optional double cup available. The double head and cups can both be swung and locked into a vertical position which makes it easier to store and transport the tripod. What’s more, the double head and cup can easily be swapped with a single head and cup if you wish to.

This first-rate tripod has an innovative compact design which is unusual for tripods and set it apart from the rest, and it is also has excellent mobility, convenience and ease of use.

  • Strong & robust
  • Lightweight design
  • Spiked feet
  • Bucket hook
  • Supplied with Double Head only
  • Optional Double Cup available.
  • Adjustable telescopic legs
  • Spiked feet on legs
  • 3 sizes to choose from

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