JRC Cocoon Tip Protectors

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JRC Cocoon Tip Protectors

The JRC Cocoon Tip Protectors are highly clever and practically designed tip protectors for your rods.

These protectors are a universal fit making protection for your rod, much easier! These protectors are approximately 26cm in length and are made of tough, high quality neoprene for the best tip protection.

Made of the JX73 material, this makes the protector sleeves dirt and water repellent for maximum durability. There is a Velcro adjustment so you tighten the protector sleeve around the tip of your rod.

The JRC Cocoon Tip Protectors are green in colour and provide excellent tip protection for your rods for a great low value price.

  • Clever design
  • Universal fit
  • JX73 dirt and water repellent material
  • Tough quality neoprene for maximum protection

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