JRC Extreme TX Series Rod

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Size: 12' 3lb
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JRC Extreme TX Series Rod

JRC know the importance of designing and creating quality, reliable fishing tackle that performs just as good as it looks, and that knowledge makes the Extreme TX  the ideal rod for the carp enthusiast, giving you a 36T carbon progressive action blank with slim inlay, braid resistant 3K guides, making it ideal for fishing with the tougher, less flexible braid line that can easily damage other rods when it rubs against the guide rings.

The guide pattern is 40mm, with an anti-wrap tip ring to ensure a smooth cast every time, while the full Japanese shrink wrap grip ensures that, no matter how hard the fish is fighting, or how wet the weather on the day turns out to be, you’ll be able to keep a good hold on your rod.  As any experienced angler knows, a lack of grip on a wet day, when faced with a strong, lively fish, can see your expensive rod swimming with the fishes – and it’s always your old favourite, too; the one you reach for without a second thought, each and every time.

The carbon reel seat is fitted with isotope slots to accommodate beta lights, giving you the freedom to continue a carp session long into the night, while the carbon line clip and laser engraved metal butt cap give this sleek black rod a stylish finish that will look especially striking when the rod is in play.

  • 40mm guide pattern with anti-wrap tip ring
  • Full Japanese shrink wrap handle
  • 36T carbon progressive action blank construction
  • Slim inlay, braid resistant SIC guides
  • Carbon line clip
  • Carbon reel seat with isotope slot
  • Laser engraved metal butt cap
Model Power rating Pieces Ring pattern
10ft 3.0lb 2 12-12-16-20-30-40
12ft 3.0lb 2 16-16-20-30-40-50
12ft 3.25lb 2 16-16-20-30-40-50
12ft 3.5lb 2 16-16-20-30-40-50
12ft Cork 3.0lb 2 16-16-20-30-40-50
12ft Cork 3.25lb 2 16-16-20-30-40-50
12ft Spod/Marker 4.5lb 2 16-16-20-30-40-50

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