Kamasan Animal Eyed Hooks

Type: Barbed
Size: 10
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Kamasan Animal Eyed Hooks

As with all Kamasan hook these Animal Eyed Hooks have a chemically sharpened needle point. Kamasan was the first brand in the world to use chemical sharpening techniques on its hooks – a sharpening technique that is now the norm in the industry. This technique produces the sharpest possible needle points and it truly revolutionised angling life. The curved beak point on the Kamasan Animal Eyed Hooks ensures an exceptionally secure hook hold each time and significantly reduced the chances of gaping. Its rounded bend makes it ideal for fishing with corn, worms, or meat, but it is suited to all types of bait and all baiting techniques.

Supplied in packs of 10, the Kamasan Animal Eyed Hooks (barbless and barbed) are the number one choice for specimen fishing up and down the country.

Kamasan has been producing top quality hooks for British anglers for more than 30 years and you’ll struggle to find an angler out there who hasn’t used and loved a Kamasan hook at one point or another in their angling carer. A brand synonymous with innovation and reliability, Kamasan hooks won’t let you down.

  • Super high carbon hooks
  • Eyed
  • Barbed
  • Curved beak point for secure hook hold
  • Chemically sharpened needle point
  • Ideal for all specimen fish
  • 10 hooks per pack

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