Korum Accessory Chair S23

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Korum Accessory Chair S23

Korum's patented vertical leg design, now uses a rounded 23mm square leg design to make it easier to use than ever before. S23 improves the stability and leg adjustment system, whilst also making the chair much easier to use with chair accessories. The mattress is made from the highest quality lightweight materials, providing improved breathability and comfort.


  •     Unique patented vertical leg design
  •     Fully adjustable leg system with super stable S23 profile
  •     Deluxe padded mattress with central breathable panel.
  •     Made with 600D Korum fabric and breathable mesh panels
  •     Quick Fold lightweight frame design
  •     Swivelling Korum mudfoot for uneven terrain


Following the popularity of their best selling S23 accessory chairs, Korum has now added a version that’s more compact and lighter in weight than the standard and XL editions. Coming in at a mere 3.5kg this is unbelievably light for a fully functioning accessory chair! It has all the features you would expect on a Korum accessory chair including the super stable patented leg design, adjustable back and front legs, with the front ones being telescopic. They carry the same 23mm rounded square legs as the other chairs in the range, so they will take all the available extras and attachments. A chair that’s ideal for anglers fishing shorter sessions of needing a lightweight chair when you're staying mobile and covering a lot of ground.


The Deluxe model features a new reclining armrest system, where the armrest can be simply moved out of way on one or both sides. It also boasts a new telescopic self levelling leg system, for maximum adjustment.

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