Korum Power 1 Piece 36" Landing Net Combo

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Korum Power 1 Piece 36" Landing Net Combo

Perfect for the opportunist angler who likes to keep some kit in the car, so that they can take advantage of swims that catch their eye in passing, or head out to a new venue or location on a whim, at a moment's notice, the Korum Power Landing Net Combo is portable enough to enable you to take advantage of passing fishing fancies, but strong and durable enough to get the job done cleanly, calmly, and with the minimum of hassle.

The rim of this landing net is reinforced with carp-sack style material, giving you added strength, and ensuring that a big, lively fish doesn't damage itself against the net, or become the classic “one that got away” by breaking the net in its angry frenzy and desire for escape. When you're chasing big carp in peak condition, you need a landing net you can rely on, and this Power offering from Korum certainly gives you that.

The high-strength spreader block features isotope slots, making this landing net an obvious choice for night anglers, as well as those who like using betalights during the winter, in order to get an extra hour's fishing in as the natural light begins to wane.

The net handle is finished in sleek, stylish matte black, and attached to the net with a pinned screw head.  Japanese shrink wrap graces butt and tip, givng unrivalled grip even in cold, wet weather, when everything's slick with rain, and your fingers are almost completely numb.

  • Shrink wrap at butt and tip for increased grip levels
  • Matt black finish with pinned screw head attachment
  • Super strong Korum spreader block featuring isotope slots
  • Extremely portable, perfect for opportunist angling
  • Nylon stink sleeve for transport

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