Leeda Profil Fly Box

Type: Standard Black
Sale price£7.99 GBP


Leeda Profil Standard Fly Box

The Leeda Profil Standard Fly Box is designed to offer maximum visibility to anglers with quick access, clear lids on both sides you can see what flies are in your box without the need to open each one individually, saving precious fishing time.
  • Unique fast access clip - open and close one handed
  • Clear double sided lids
  • Slotted foam fly retainers
  • Locate flies quickly
  • Tough and durable
  • Holds 250 flies
  • Colours: Black, Green, Yellow

Leeda Profil Pro Fly Box
The Leeda Profil Pro Fly Box is a medium size, fully waterproof fly box with the capacity to hold up to 284 flies. The box features an impact resistant plastic body to ensure protection of valuable and delicate flies and also features a fully waterproof seal to keep water at bay if accidentally dropped into the water.
The box has 14 rows of slotted foam retainers to keep hook points secure so you can organise your flies and maximise your angling time.
  • Fully waterproof fly box
  • Holds up to 284 flies
  • Clear view lids
  • Double sided
  • Colours: Green, Yellow

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