Little Jack Metal Adict 06 Jig

Colour: #03 Aji
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Little Jack Metal Adict 06 Jig

Designed for slow jigging with the same lifelike appearance as bait. Realistic modelling and finish of multi-baited horse mackerel. The development of this jig was initiated because the bait spit out by Spanish mackerel and yellowtail in shore jigging and light jigging is often a horse mackerel.

The test phase produced solid fishing results, and the decision was made to release the lure as Metal Addict 06. The outstanding shape and finish, action and fall approach the target from various angles, and it can also be used for slow jigging and it can also be used for shore and offshore (SLJ)

  • The bowl-shaped asymmetrical form creates an irregular fall posture that attracts the target.
  • The horizontal flashing fall allows for consistent fishing results even when slow jigging.
  • The jig is very compact for a metal jig, making it ideal for microbait patterns as well as for distance.
  • Hooks made by BKK, a highly reliable company in terms of sting and strength, are used.

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