Metz Saddles

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Metz Saddles

Metz Saddles patches offer long, softer hackles that are the perfect choice for larger dry flies, streamers and palmers.

  • Available colours: Golden Olive, Badger, Black, Brown, Cream, Dun, Grizzle, Ginger, Light Blue Dun, Medium Dun, Chocolate Dun, Cree, Furnace, Grizzle Chartreuse, Grizzle Fluorescent Pink, Grizzle Olive, Grizzle Fluorescent Yellow, Rust Dun, Variant, Fiery Brown, Hot Orange, Light Claret, Grizzle Light Claret, Medium Olive, Sooty Olive, Grizzle Blue
  • These saddles come in two types: Grade 1, Grade 2

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